Russell Azbill


He is deeply interested in history, particularly realting to the American Southwest, motorsports, aviation, and space exploration.  Russell also has a keen interest in classic movies and vintage televison shows.


Darkest Hour, a suspenseful crime thriller, was Russell's first novel.  Since then, Russell has written three screenplays which are currently under consideration for production.  The Wraiths of Glen Cove, a ghostly mystery, is Russells's award-winning second novel.  As a result of the many requests he has received for a sequel to Darkest Hour, Russell is currently hard at work writing the sequel to Darkest Hour.

Russell Azbill is a native Arizonan, who has spent his entire life in the southwestern desert of the United States.


I read every book on the subject I could find as well as taking a course from City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation. Soon I found that many of my photos were as good those displayed inside magazines. Ultimately I opened my own photography business, which I have since retired from. My business mostly focused on advertisement and wedding photography.


On my portfolio page are a few examples of my work. Also included here are photos of me competing in various motorsport events. The automotive competition photos were not taken by me (I was too busy driving the car!). I hope you enjoying looking at these!

While I had been interested in photography from a very young age, it was not until 1981 that I truly embraced it..


mysteries - thrillers - suspense - horror - novelist

screen writer - script writer - photographer

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