Russell Azbill

Darkest Hour


mysteries - thrillers - suspense - horror - novelist

screen writer - script writer - photographer

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Darkest Hour is an exciting, fast-paced police action thriller that pits a seasoned Southern California homicide detective, Roger Austin, against a ruthless and maniacal narcotics trafficker, Nicholas Servoz. Lieutenant Austin thought he had seen and experienced it all until he comes into contact with the previously unknown Nicholas during the course of a high-profile murder investigation.


The detective soon finds himself in over his head as the investigation leads him into a mysterious, underground

subculture that is completely foreign to him and forces him to seek the help of other obscure individuals and sources in the hope of solving the case.


So strap on your seat belt and prepare yourself

for a wild roller coaster of a ride with plenty of twists and turns and ups and downs before ending in a climax that will leave you breathless.

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