Russell Azbill

Family Matters


mysteries - thrillers - suspense - horror - novelist

screen writer - script writer - photographer

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Even in the best of Syndicate families there can be turmoil. After his wife’s sudden death, Carlo Bandini, the patriarch of the family, takes on a much younger bride. Despite of the new stepmother’s best efforts, she is not accepted into the family by Michael Bandini, Carlo’s youngest son. Realizing his father would never part with his new trophy wife, Michael had moved out and severed ties with his family, vowing to never return. But that was then and this is now. Now Michael finds himself flat broke and desperate, and blames his stepmother for his dire predicament. Is there a way for Michael to reunite with his family and its immense wealth while at the same time reaping vengeance upon the woman who has caused him so much pain? Michael’s girlfriend has a plan.