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A copy of my certificate from Arizona Authors Association

There are lands that exist in this world unlike all others; evil lands which can capture the souls of the wicked and the tormented and hold them for all eternity. Despite the warnings from the neighboring tribes, the gold mining town of Glen Cove was founded on cursed land such as this.


More than a century later, when two sisters, Claire and Becky, return with their husbands to their hometown of Glen Cove for what is meant to be a relaxing vacation, they quickly discover that their vacation will be anything but restful as unearthly episodes begin to erupt around them. Will the two families be able to discover the purpose behind these unnerving events and bring them to an end? And why do these strange occurrences seem to happen more around Claire than the others? Most importantly, will Claire survive her grisly encounters with the hostile entities?


In The Wraiths of Glen Cove, long time, award winning, real-life paranormal investigator Russell Azbill mixes his vivid imagination with his stunning, real-world experiences to create a captivating, otherworldly tale of betrayal and justice in the Pacific Northwest.

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Below are pictures from the Arizona Authors Association Awards Dinner...

Russ_Azbill_Wraiths_of_Glen_Cove_AZ_Authors_Assoc_ Russ_Azbill_Wraiths_of_Glen_Cove_AZ_Authors_Assoc_ Russ_Azbill_Wraiths_of_Glen_Cove_AZ_Authors_Assoc_ Russ_Azbill_Wraiths_of_Glen_Cove_AZ_Authors_Assoc_ Russ_Azbill_Wraiths_of_Glen_Cove_AZ_Authors_Assoc_

Russell Azvill arriving at the

Arizona Authors Association dinner.

Russell Azbill was accompanied by his long time friend Maria Mulhern.

Russell Azbill is seen here with Garry Rogers another author.

He wrote a book called "Corr Syl the Warrior".

Check out his website:

Russell Azvill receiving his award at the

Arizona Authors Association dinner.

Russell Azbill in the Winners Group picture at the Arizona Authors Association dinner.

Check out their website for more pictures: